Updating Tikit

The Tikit app automatically upgrades in the background in your environment and the Tikit Virtual Agent app can be pushed out via a Teams App Setup Policy.

As we release new versions of the Tikit app, we automatically deploy and install those updates into your environment. The Tikit team will notify you via email when those updates are coming so you can plan accordingly, and once deployed you will see an announcement in Tikit Web outlining all the new features for those releases. 

As we release new versions of the Tikit TVA app, your organization can automatically push those releases out via a Teams App Setup Policy. If you have not done so, please follow the steps outlined in the Tikit TVA Setup Guide to make the app available to all users and establish an App Setup Policy to push the app to those users. Once the policy is established, all future releases of the TVA app will be automatically deployed to your organization

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