Importing Data into Excel

It is possible to import Tikit data into Excel if you are using the Service Desk Edition.  To import data from Tikit into Excel do the following:
   1. Obtain an access token
   2. Open up a new Excel Document and go to Data -> Get Data -> From Other Sources -> From OData Feed:

3. Enter in the URL:

4. Click OK.  Then scroll down and select Ticket:

Excel will immediately try to authenticate again.  Click Cancel, then Transform Data:

5. This will open Power Query.  Once in Power Query, click Source under Applied Steps:

6. Replace null with [Authorization = “Bearer <your access token>”] in the top bar and click the check:

7. Click back to Navigation under Applied Steps and click Edit Credentials.  This will bring up the authentication window again.  Click Connect.

8. Select the columns you want to keep in your view of Tickets.  See this article from Microsoft for details about choosing columns.

9. Once you have selected your desired column set, click Close & Load:

Now your data is available in Excel and you can perform data analysis in Excel!

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