My Work

My Work provides a single-page view of an analyst’s upcoming calendar events, assigned tickets, tasks from Planner, and unread emails.

To view the My Work dashboard:

  • In the left navigation, go to My Work.

A list of your calendar events.

A list of active tickets assigned to you. Active tickets have a status other than Closed or Deflected.

Select a ticket to view and edit it.

A list of the Planner tasks assigned to you. New tasks can be added and current tasks can be completed, re-assigned, and deleted. 

To add a new task:

  1. Select + Add.
  1. Enter in the task information.
    1. Select a shared plan from Planner. If you do not have a shared plan, see below for steps on creating a new one.
    2. Select a bucket.
    3. (Optional) Select a due date for the task.
    4. Select users to assign task to. If you do not add yourself as an assigned user this task will not be listed after adding.
  2. Once the task information is entered, select + to add the task.

You have added a task!

If you do not have a shared plan to add tasks to, you may need to create one in the Tasks by Planner and To Do app in Teams.

To create a shared plan in Teams:

  1. Open the Tasks by Planner and To Do app, then select + New list or plan.
  1. Enter in a plan name, then select the Team and Channel to create a shared plan.
  2. Select Create to create the shared plan.

You have created a shared plan and are ready to start adding tasks!

A list of your emails.

Select the subject for an email to open it in your mailbox.

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