Surveys are a way to gauge how well agents are performing from a customer satisfaction perspective.

When tickets are set to Resolved, the Ticket Virtual Agent sends a survey card about the ticket asking the requester to rate their satisfaction with the resolution.

If the requester is satisfied with the resolution, they can fill out a survey. If they are not satisfied, the ticket is reactivated and the reason is added as a comment.

Responding to a Survey

Once a ticket is set to Resolved, the Ticket Virtual Agent will send a survey card to the requester. 


If the requester clicks Yes to answer the satisfaction question, a feedback card is sent.

The requester can click the sentiment that matches their experience best.

If the requester clicks No to the satisfaction question, the ticket will be reactivated and prompt the requester for a reason.  The reason will be reflected in the ticket as a comment.

Enabling Surveys

It is possible to toggle on or off the sending of surveys once a ticket is set to Resolved.  To disable the Surveys from being sent to the Requester, navigate to Settings > Surveys and untick Enable Surveys.

Once the setting is configured, click Save.

On the Reporting dashboard, there is a Ticket Survey pie chart that gives a breakdown of all ticket survey answers. 

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