SLAs, which define IT service desk service and standards, are woven into Tikit’s process, so that you can better monitor progress and deadlines in the midst of these events. They are present throughout the ticket lifecycle, so it’s not just a tool to stay on track—it’s also a yardstick to measure performance.

To access and manager SLA Settings:

  1. Open the Tikit web app at
  2. Once in the Tikit web app, select the settings gear in the header, then select SLA.

Add a new SLA

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Search for a specific SLA by Name

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SLA Name. Select an SLA Name to edit. 

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Available Actions, like Enable and Delete

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  1. New SLA  Add a new SLA.
  2. Search Search for specific SLA by name.
  3. Name SLA name. Select an SLA’s name to edit the SLA. See How to edit a SLA for more details.
  4. Actions Available actions, like Enable or Delete.

To add a new SLA:

  1. In Settings > Service Level Management select + New SLA to open the Add New SLA  form. 
  1. Enter a new SLA Name.
  2. Tick Enabled checkbox to enable the SLA
  3. Select a Ticket Status
  4. Optionally, Set some Ticket Criteria
  5. Set the threshold value for SLA Approaching Breach
  6. Set the threshold value for SLA Breached
  7. Select Save to add the tag.

To edit an existing tag:

  1. In Settings > SLA, select an SLA to open the edit form.
  1. Update SLA Name.
  2. Tick or Untick Enabled checkbox to enable or disable the SLA
  3. Update Ticket Status
  4. Optionally, update Ticket Criteria
  5. Update the threshold value for SLA Approaching Breach
  6. Update the threshold value for SLA Breached
  7. Select Save to save your changes.

When prompted, click on Confirm button on the update confirmation dialog 

To enable or disable an SLA:

  1. In Settings > SLA, find the SLA to enable/disable then toggle on the toggle switch in the Actions column.

To delete a tag:

  1. In Settings > SLA, find the SLA to delete then select the trashcan in the Actions column.


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