Tikit Quick Start

In this article we will run through the steps to quickly get Tikit up and running.

How to install and configure Tikit

Looking for more details on setting up and configuring Tikit? Check out the Complete Setup Guide.

To configure install and configure Tikit: 

  1. To add Tikit to Microsoft Teams you can follow one of the below options:  
    • Install from Microsoft App Store, here
    • Search for Tikit from the Apps tab in your MS Teams app.
    • Use this link to open Tikit inside MS Teams.
  1. Once the Tikit Teams app is installed, open the Tikit app chat and select I am a M365 Admin in the Let’s Setup Tikit message.
  2. Select Authorize & Setup Tikit in the Authorize Tikit message.

Not a Microsoft Administrator? Share the link https://signup.tikit.ai/ with your admin to continue setup.

  1. Login with a Microsoft admin account, check Consent on behalf of your organization if prompted, and then select Accept.
  1. Select where you want your analysts to Work Tickets. Select New Teams Team to create a new Team in Teams or Existing Team to select an existing Team in Teams, then select Next.
Not sure which option to select? Watch the following video: Setting Up Tikit: New vs. Existing Team to help you understand if you want to install Tikit in a New Team or Existing Team. 
  1. If you selected New Teams Team, you will be prompted to name the team and select the analysts that will work tickets, then select Next.
Not sure what to name your Team? Watch the following video: What to Name Your Team to help you understand the importance of Team naming and how this affects your setup. 
  1. If you selected Existing Team, you will be prompted to search for and select the Team, then select Next.
Note that the logged in user will need to have access to the Team in order to search for and select it.
  1. Add any additional Tikit admins that can help with setup & configuration, then select Next.
If the currently logged in user will be the only admin, select I am the only one who needs the Tikit admin role, skip this step.
  1. If the admin’s email is at .onmicrosoft.com, you will be prompted to provide a correct work email address, then select Finish.
If the .onmicrosoft.com email is correct, select I will roll the dice, skip this step.
  1. Hang tight while we get everything setup. Once your Tikit environment is ready, head back to Teams.
  1. In Teams, click Get started to show the Get Started guide now that Tikit is ready to go in Teams.

At anytime you can come back to the Get Started guide by asking Tikit to Get Started

Now that you have Tikit installed, you can immediately start creating and working tickets directly from Teams or the Tikit web app.

The Create a Ticket action can quickly create a new request from a message to start capturing a shoulder tap in a private chat or a post in a shared channel. For more details on message actions, check out Message Actions.

  1. Select Format icon in Teams. (More options) > More actions > Create a Ticket to create a ticket from the selected message.
  1. The Create Ticket form will open auto-filled with the message sender as the requester, the message as the request, and the default Priority. Check Include link to the message to add a link back to the original message in the ticket.

Need to create a ticket on the spot for a user rather than directing them to the Ticket Virtual Agent? Quickly create a new ticket from scratch with the Tikit compose extension. For more details on searching and creating tickets with the compose extension, check out Tikit Compose Extension.

  1. Select the TIkit icon below the compose message box to open the Tikit compose extension, then select Add Ticket.
  1. Enter in the ticket details in the New Ticket form and submit to create a new ticket.

Need to find an existing ticket? Find and work tickets from Teams or Tikit web apps.

Find tickets directly in Teams while chatting with Tikit, searching with the compose extension, and exploring tickets in the triage and support group channels.

Send “Tickets” to Tikit to explore tickets. For more details on Tikit commands and talking to Tikit, check out Tikit Commands.

Know the specific ticket id number? Send “Ticket #” to view a specific ticket.

You can create, view and manage tickets in the Tikit Web app: https://web.tikit.ai. You can read all about our different web portals in the Agent, Admin & User Portals article. 

Tikit Virtual Agent is your end users “portal” to getting problems solved. Once you deploy Tikit Virtual Agent to all your end users they will be able to quickly submit request and get answers. You can read more about how to setup and install the Tikit Virtual Agent here.

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