Tikit Integration in Power Automate

Tikit Triggers in Power Automate

Within Microsoft Power Automate it is possible to invoke a flow that is triggered by events in Tikit. 
To connect to Tikit from Power Automate do the following:
  1. Start a new Flow in Power Automate:

    That will launch the new flow wizard.  Give the flow a name, and filter the triggers for Tikit.

   2.  Select the appropriate trigger for your flow, then click Create.  

 3.  Click the Sign In button and follow the Microsoft 365 Login procedure.

You can now configure your criteria for determining if the flow should trigger.

Tikit Actions in Power Automate

Configuring Tikit Actions is similar to configuring Tikit Triggers.  

   1.  Start a new flow and add any trigger.


   2. Click the plus sign -> Add an action to add an action.

  3.  Type Tikit to filter for the Tikit actions.  

You can now select an action to be taken within Tikit and it will be added to your flow:

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