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Default Notifications

In this article, we will outline the default notification settings in Tikit for requesters, agents, and triage channels. Requester Notifications Requesters are notified via TVA/Email in

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Tikit System Requirements

The information below outlines the basic requirements and recommendations to run Tikit in your organization. The items listed below have been tested and verified as

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My Group Work

The My Group Work view is similar to the My Work view, but also shows you all the tickets assigned to any Support Groups that

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With Lifecycles, you can define your own business logic that is required in order to Resolve and/or Close a Ticket. This includes creating Phases of Work,

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Tikit Azure Consent

Tikit registers two Azure Enterprise Applications within a customer’s Azure environment: Tikit and Tikit Email Connector (if the Email Connector within Tikit Consent Management has been enabled). If you

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Tikit Help

Welcome to Tikit Help In the Tikit Help Center you will find all the resources you need to answer questions, understand features and receive walkthroughs

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