Merge Tickets

Duplicate tickets can occur for many reasons. You might see this if an end user replies to the virtual agent directly, instead of within the message’s adaptive card, or if any outreach about the issue has been made using additional channels. You could be looking at multiple—and unnecessary—tickets about the same issue. This can affect reporting by representing higher volume for a particular issue than is actually present.

When merging tickets the following changes will be made:

  • All comments from the merged tickets will be visible on the current ticket.
  • All file attachments from the merged tickets will be available on the current ticket.
  • All tickets that have been merged into the current ticket will be closed.

Please also be aware that you can only merge tickets from the same Requestor. 

To merge tickets:

  1. Find and select a ticket to open the edit ticket page.
  2. Once on the edit ticket page, expand the Related Tickets section, and select Relate.
  1. Select Merge Tickets to find and select tickets.
  1. Find and select one or more tickets to merge into the current ticket, then select Continue.
  1. Review the summary of changes, then select Confirm to complete the merge.
    Note that this action cannot be reverted.
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