Manage Tags

Need to update a tag or delete it together? Tags can be updated as processes change to either remove a tag from tickets wholesale by deleting the tag or updating the tag name displayed.

To access and manager Tags:

  1. Open the Tikit web app at
  2. Once in the Tikit web app, select the settings gear in the header, then select Tags.
1 Add a new Tag. 1 of 4 2 Search for specific Tag by name. 2 of 4 3 Tag name. Select a Tab’s name to edit tag. 3 of 4 4 Available actions, like Edit or Delete. 4 of 4
  1. New Tag Add a new tag.
  2. Search Search for specific tag by name.
  3. Name Tag name. Select a tag’s name to edit the tag. See How to edit a tag for more details.
  4. Actions Available actions, like Edit or Delete.

To add a new tag:

  1. In Settings > Tags, select + New Tag to open the Add New Tags form.
  1. Enter a new tag Name.
  2. Select Save to add the tag.

To edit an existing tag:

  1. In Settings > Tag, select a tag to open the edit form.
  1. Update the tag Name.
  2. Select Update to save your changes.

To delete a tag:

  1. In Settings > Tags, find the tag to delete then select the trashcan in the Actions column.

Note that this will immediately delete the tag.

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