How do I resolve “Upload disabled” when viewing ticket details?


Given an analyst logs into the web app at
When the analyst opens the edit ticket UI and expands the Attachments section.
Then Tikit displays an “Upload disabled” error message:

“Upload disabled. Please make sure you’ve added Tikit to a Team and set the triage channel correctly.”


Run through the following checklist to make sure Teams and Tikit are configured for attachments:

  1. In Microsoft Teams, make sure you’ve added Tikit to a Team. Check out How to add Tikit to a Team.
  2. In Tikit Bot Configuration settings, set the triage channel to a Standard channel in that Team.  Check out How to set the triage channel.
  3. In Tikit Security settings, make sure that the Team has been added to the Analysts app role in Tikit. Check out How to assign users and groups to application roles.