Unable to create, view, modify tickets withing Teams

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    Sebastian Maurer

    since today we are unable to interact with tikit, helpbot via Teams.

    Reply is Allways “I don’t know what just happened there” – or APP Cannot be contacted when we try to create Ticket using the contect menu.

    Creating tickets on web.tikit.ai works flawlessly:

    Create ticket on web.tikit.ai > Requester and triage Channel get Teams notification > User and Agent are unable to reply/edit in Teams – ERROR “I don’t know what just happened there, but I’ve gone ahead and alerted the right people. Just to make sure it wasn’t me, here are the things that I do know…”

    Updates(ex reply, changes) made on web.tikit.ai do show up in Teams

    Any ideas what to check?
    Tikit 1.11.0
    HelpBot 1.0.4

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      Marc Peters
      Was this ever resolved?
      If so:
      How long until a resolution was reached?
      What was the resolution?
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