How do I create a new ticket?

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    Jared Golinvaux
    How do I create a ticket in Teams. I noticed a machine we need to upgrade and I want to put in a ticket for this and assign it to a tech. I want the requester to show the user who works at the PC.
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      James Kleinschnitz
      I split this into it’s own topic because this has come up a few times and I want to see where this conversation goes on it’s own.

      The short answer is that currently in Teams:
      Tickets can currently be created by using a message action to convert a message into a ticket or via the HelpBot.

      From the the WebUI you can create new tickets ad hoc, with one caveat you can only set the requestor to a user that has interacted with Tikit, HelpBot, or emailed a ticket.

      Up till this point we have been focused on converting incoming request into tickets, which has the advantage of knowing who the requestor is. As we move into handling request not initiated by a user we want to be smart about how we query your organization for an unknown users details. We can do this via MS Graph but unfortunately this type of user picker control is not available in a Teams card yet, it is in alpha. As soon as we can get this directly in Team we will.

      What we are currently doing is building out some richer UIs that will live inside a Teams Tabs. From within these tabs we have a little bit more flexibility on what we can do with MS Graph and we will be able to build a “blank” create ticket UI.

      When you say “I noticed a machine we need to upgrade” where did you notice this?



      Jared Golinvaux
      OK. That is what I figured.
      Our IT Admin had a PowerShell script to harvest machine data from AD. I noticed from the resulting spreadsheet that we had a Win7 PC still out there. I wanted to create a ticket for our admin to replace it, and set the requester as the user.
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