Email Tickets Now Available

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    James Kleinschnitz
    You can now connect an Office 365 email account to Tikit and any emails sent to that connected account will open New Tickets. You can read more about how to connect an email account here.
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      Reinhard Gustavik
      How can I connect to a shared Mailbox?
      The Connect-Button leads to the microsoft login, where I can use my workaccount but not the shared mailbox.
        Reinhard Gustavik
        Any news to this question?
        Ryan Lane
        Hi Reinhard and thanks for reaching out. There is a workaround for using a shared mailbox with the email connector by setting a password in AAD for the mailbox and logging in with those credentials. When a shared mailbox is created in AAD then a corresponding user is also generated for that mailbox. That user’s password can be reset using the Azure Portal User’s blade which would allow logging in as the shared mailbox to setup the email connector in Tikit.
        Please let me know what you think. Thanks!
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