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    Greg Gates
    I have installed everything and it appears to be functioning fine in Teams , but i am unable to access the Knowledgebase

    Error message is

    Unauthorized Access
    Please contact your administrator.

    Have i done something incorrctly?

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      Ryan Lane
      Hi Greg,
      Sorry for the delay in responding. I am familiar with that Unauthorized Access message from the beta edit kb ui and chances are it’s just the initial authentication for the session running into trouble and not anything incorrectly configured on your end. The authentication of the page while outside of Teams needs some fine-tuning and we do have updates in the works to get that smoothed out very soon.
      In the meantime, I’ve found the following will help:
      – Add at least one entry to your ticket deflection knowledge base with the Tikit app (docs here). This will create your ticket deflection kb’s db if it hasn’t been created yet to smooth out the process.
      – Refreshing the browser one ore more times on seeing the Unauthorized Access message.

      So there’s nothing incorrect on your end and we’ve got a fix in the works, but refreshing should hopefully do it.
      Please let me know if this helped. Thanks!


      Greg Gates
      Hi Ryan,
      I followed the instructions and have been able to get one question added to the KB but access is still denied to the Knowledge Base
      David Hollingsworth
      I sometimes have to refresh the page to get in but sometimes it takes multiple refreshes before I get access.
      James Kleinschnitz
      I just wanted to let everyone know that editing the KB will soon be available from a tab within Teams. We are working with MS to get our App updates approved.
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