Reply To: Lost in the attachment loop

    Ryan Lane
    Hi Sebastian,
    Sorry for the trouble with attachments. It may just be an issue of configuration in either Teams or Tikit. Here is a list we can check for attachments in Teams, the Tikit web app at, and AAD:
    1. Tikit is added to a Team and updated to version 1.9.13 (Teams > Manage Team > Apps)
    2. Tikit triage channel is set (Tikit Web App > Settings > Microsoft Teams)
    3. The Team is added to the Analysts app role in Tikit (Tikit Web App > Settings > Security)
    4. Admin consent has been granted for Tikit (AAD > Enterprise Applications > Tikit > Permissions)
    – Once granted, make sure to head to the Tikit web app at to confirm no other permissions prompts appear.

    We also just released an update to Tikit recently that includes a new set of permissions for the new Tikit web app features at

    You can also schedule a time via my calendar at or if our time zones don’t quite match up we can work out a better time for you, just let me know!