General Web App Concepts

Our focus first and foremost is building the best possible ticketing experience for Teams, but that doesn’t stop admins and analysts from accessing Tikit in a browser. The Tikit web app at can be accessed by Tikit admins to setup and configure Tikit, analysts to work tickets and train ticket deflection, and users to view their requests.

The new Tikit web app can be accessed via browser by navigating to

The new Tikit web app can be accessed via the Settings, My Work, and Tickets tabs in Teams. For more details, please see the Tikit Teams App.

Manage Security

Tikit provides role-based access control (RBAC) to enforce authorization in both the web and Teams apps. There are several app roles available: Administrators, Analysts, and

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Some sections have new homes!

For viewing ticket history, check out How to view ticket activity.

For group settings, check out Manage Groups.

For adding attachments, check out How to view and add attachments.

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