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Tikit Web App

Enable Surveys

It is possible to toggle on or off the sending of surveys once a ticket is set to Resolved.  To disable the Surveys from being

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Dark Mode

Enable Dark Mode To enable Dark Mode, go to Settings -> Preferences: Setting the Theme to Light will result in the default theme. Setting the Theme

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Adding Synonyms

Adding Synonyms to Tikit can significantly improve the quality of responses in the Tikit Virtual Agent.  Synonyms allow for more accurate matching of intent when

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Manage SLAs

SLAs, which define IT service desk service and standards, are woven into Tikit’s process, so that you can better monitor progress and deadlines in the

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Merge Tickets

Duplicate tickets can occur for many reasons. You might see this if an end user replies to the virtual agent directly, instead of within the

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Relate Tickets

Tickets can be related to help you better manage tickets associated to the same topic or area of expertise. These data points can help you gain valuable insight

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