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Settings & Configurations

Manage Knowledge

Analysts can view and edit entries to retrain the Ticket Deflection Knowledge Base from the Knowledge page. Professional KB responses can be created with a

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Manage Security

Tikit provides role-based access control (RBAC) to enforce authorization in both the web and Teams apps. There are several app roles available: Administrators, Analysts, and

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Manage Automation

Admins can create automation workflows to automatically update ticket properties. Automations support multiple triggers, including added, deleted, modified, and added & modified. Table of Contents

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Manage Templates

Templates are great to quickly set properties on tickets and request additional information from requesters. Templates can be used in ticket deflection and manually applied

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Permissions Analysts can view existing automations, but only Tikit Administrators can update or create new automations. For details on managing app roles, see Assign users

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